Korea to Increase Investments in Fintech

the Republic of Korea is considered a leader in terms of state investments in innovative industries.


Fintech in 2019: an Ernst and Young Study

According to Ernst & Young, Russia is third in terms of the popularity of fintech services with 82% of the population using such services. China and India are the only two countries ahead of Russia with 87% each.


The National Payment Systems of Belarus and Russia Launched an Integration

Belkart announced the beginning of integration with the Russian Mir. At the moment, the integration of the payment systems is already working in test mode.


Top 7 Popular Payment Systems in the World

PayPal is probably the most popular e-payment system in the world. It was created with the security of payments in mind.


The Number of Global Online Card Payments Will Double by 2022

The number of online card payments in the world is expected to grow from 29 billion in 2016 to 70 billion in 2022


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